Sports & Recreation

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Sports & Recreation

What is this Service?

Sports and Recreation Services deliver quality programs and maintain facilities in order to enhance quality of life, and promote a healthier and active citizen. It is a developer of citizen and community participation.

Specific programs offered may include:

  • Registered programs where residents register/commit to participate in structured activities such as swimming lessons, dance or fitness classes or day camps; some municipalities also include house leagues, e.g. baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer
  • Drop-in programs where residents are not required to register and are able to participate in structured or unstructured sports and recreation activities such as public swimming or skating, basketball, fitness or open access to gyms with the option of obtaining memberships to access these activities
  • Permitted programs where residents and/or community organizations obtain permits for short-term rental of sports and recreation facilities such as sports fields, meeting rooms and arenas

Influencing Factors:

  • Demographics:  Needs of different ethnic groups, socio-economic factors and changes in Provincial legislation e.g. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and Health & Safety requirements
  • Facilities:  Number of facilities, mix of facility types, age of facilities, access to Board of Education facilities, e.g. gymnasiums
  • Partnerships:  Degree to which the Municipality utilizes partnerships with external entities (3rd party, community groups, contracted service providers) can influence the level of participation reported for directly provided registered and drop-in programs.
  • Programming:  Variety of recreation programs offered, class length, mix of instructional vs. drop-in vs. permitted, number and extent of age groups with targeted programs, number of program locations, frequency and times of program offerings impacts available capacity, course fees and the cost of providing programs. Municipal program delivery is also influenced by the activities of other service providers in the market place.
  • Staff Mix:  Unionized vs. non-unionized work environment, full-time vs. part-time vs. seasonal staff; and the availability of certified and qualified staff.
  • User Fees:  Fees are impacted by Council decisions on user Fee Policy and Subsidy Programs and can influence the decision of residents to register and how often.
  • Weather Conditions:  Weather conditions can impact both participation levels and operating costs of recreation opportunities.