General Government

Service Area

General Government

What is this Service?

Governance and Corporate Management refers to the component of municipal government responsible for governing the municipality, providing direction and leadership to staff, and sustaining the organization.

Corporate management activities include:

  • Chief Administrative Officer / City Manager
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Debt Management & Investments
  • Development Charges Administration
  • Taxation
  • Strategic Communications
  • Protocol
  • Real Estate and properties owned by the City but not used for service delivery

Influencing Factors:

  • Council:  Full-time vs. Part-time Councils.
  • Government Structure:  Different tiers of municipal government and the corresponding differences in responsibilities for service provision.  Responsibility for Court Services, Property Assessment costs, property tax collection and write-offs and water and wastewater billing.
  • Organizational Form:  Centralized vs. decentralized structure for administration services.