Investment Management

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Investment Management

What is this Service?

Investment Management implements short and long term investment strategies for money market, bond and equity portfolios in accordance with provincial government legislation and the municipality’s own investment policies.

Influencing Factors:

  • Economic Conditions:  Local economy, unionization, state of assets (life expectancy); prevailing interest rates and shape of the yield curve; availability of product.
  • Geography:  Population, density and land mass.
  • Government Structure:  Single-tier or two-tier impacts level of expenditures.
  • Organizational Form:  Reporting structure, levels within departments.
  • Policy and Practices:  General accounting practices (terms utilized for various receivables and payments); investment policy objectives, i.e. risk tolerances, preservation of capital vs. growth; municipal life stage (growth vs. maturity); legislative investment policy constraints; cash inflows/outflows to portfolio; and other municipal practices.