General Revenues

Service Area

General Revenues

What is this Service?

General Revenue refers to support services for receivables owed to the municipality by citizens, businesses and other agencies doing business with the municipality. The goal of General Revenues is to ensure the municipality collects revenue to which it is entitled in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner in order to assist the municipality in exercising prudent fiscal management.

Specific services may include:

  • Cash receipts
  • Local improvement billing
  • Special assessment billing
  • Processing bill payments and collections
  • Monitoring the performance of accounts receivable

Influencing Factors:

  • Government Structure:  Different tiers of municipal government, i.e. single-tier or upper-tier, and the specific service each one offers will affect results.
  • Policy and Practices:  Collection practices, terms and handling of delinquencies, accounts receivable costs and related FTE (full-time equivalent) counts will differ between municipalities and their revenue streams.
  • Processes and Systems:  Type and quality of systems used to capture Accounts Receivable including uploads and automated billing.